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dc.description.abstractIndoor localisation in GPS-denied areas is a subject that currently receives a lot of attention in research and industry. There are many potential applications for indoor localization based on small and affordable consumer devices. It is however often difficult to evaluate the localization accuracy due to the unavailability of accurate ground-truth information. Over the last years, JRC has developed the Mobile Laser Scanning Platform (MLSP) for 3D mapping and indoor localization, which has been demonstrated to be significantly more accurate than what can be achieved with other (consumer) technologies. Since 2014, Microsoft has organized an Indoor Localization Competition which brings together players from research and industry to evaluate the current state of the art in indoor localization. JRC participated in the 2015 edition and won the first prize using the MLSP. In the following years, JRC co-organised the event and was responsible for evaluating the accuracy of the competing devices. In 2018, the evaluation was based on the average distance between the positions reported by the devices and the ground-truth trajectory generated by MLSP. This note describes the evaluation process and the activities that JRC carried out in preparation and during the event.  en_GB
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dc.titleEvaluating the Accuracy of Indoor Localization Devicesen_GB
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dc.identifier.doi10.2760/036476 (online)en_GB
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