Title: Anak Krakatau volcano emergency tsunami early warning system
Citation: SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS vol. 38 no. 2 p. 68-95
Publication Year: 2019
JRC N°: JRC116540
ISSN: 8755-6839 (online)
URI: http://www.tsunamisociety.org/382AnnunziatoEtAl.pdf
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: On 22 Dec 2018 13:56 UTC a Tsunami was generated from the area of the Anak Krakatau Volcano, with waves propagating in all directions inside the Sunda Strait, the sea portion between the Java and Sumatra islands. The cause of this event seems to have a correlation with the ongoing Volcanic eruption, which was particularly active since June 2018 [4], At the time of the event, the Tsunami Early Warning System currently implemented in Indonesia, could not be used because there was no mechanism to activate the system on the basis of measurement of sea levels or other information from the volcano activities. Given the situation, the Indonesian Authorities have decided to implement an Emergency Early Warning system that can timely inform if any sea level disturbance could represent a Tsunami from the volcano activities and therefore give the possibility to activate the sirens. The Joint Research Centre (JRC), in collaboration with the Indonesian Tsunami Society, the Marine Research Centre of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency of Indonesia (BMKG) worked together since the event in December in order to design and implement the new Emergency System. The new system will adopt the real time fast Tsunami instruments (Inexpensive Device for Sea Level Monitoring or IDSL), developed by JRC [ 1], to monitor in real time on a 24/7 the sea level to provide email, SMS alerts, CCTV images and inform about a potential event. The activation of the sirens in the area can be performed after a human verification of the signals. The first 2 devices have been installed at the end of January 2018; other devices will be provided and installed in the near future.
JRC Directorate:Space, Security and Migration

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