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dc.description.abstractThis report brings together data on patents, scientific publications, trademarks and designs of the world’s top corporate R&D investors to shed some light on the role they play in shaping the future of technologies and AI. As for the two previous editions, the present report is the product of a collaborative effort of the JRC of the European Commission and the OECD, two organisations committed to provide high quality open data and up-to-date indicators and analysis. The audience this report wants to reach is quite diverse: from the scientific community to the industry representatives, from practitioners to policy makers. Its scope is to be a useful source of analysis and data for all those interested in getting an understanding of the scientific and technological activities of key industrial players, particularly in the field of AI. The data underlying the analysis presented are publicly available for all those who want to use them for further analysisen_GB
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dc.titleWorld Corporate Top R&D investors: Shaping the Future of Technologies and of AIen_GB
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dc.identifier.doi10.2760/472704 (online),10.2760/16575 (print)en_GB
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