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dc.description.abstractThis document provides additional guidance, in addition to the ILCD entry-level requirements (JRC 2012), in order to develop process data sets, compliant with the Environmental Footprint (EF) requirements. This document provides further details on more specific aspects and procedures related to EF compliant data sets, and it is divided in different sections: 1. The definition of the different process data set types allowed in the ILCD Format. 2. EF Reference packages released (description and where to find them) 3. How to structure and document data stocks 4. The procedure for EF data sets and data stocks updates, describing how to update and document changes in the future releases of EF data sets, replacing older versions with new ones. 5. Harmonization of level – 1 disaggregated data sets, including the level of disaggregation for the EF requirements, and the additional documentation needed. 6. Requirements for meta-data information of EF data sets, describing where and how to include the documentation. 7. Modelling requirements, specific for EF framework 8. Reviewer’s requirements and review report, including the minimum level of expertise for a reviewer (or a team), in order to be eligible for the EF data set’s review, and the review report template, with explanations on how to fill in the different fields.en_GB
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dc.titleGuide for EF compliant data sets: Version 2.0en_GB
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dc.identifier.doi10.2760/537292 (online)en_GB
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