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dc.contributor.authorNOGUERE G.en_GB
dc.contributor.authorBOULAND O.en_GB
dc.contributor.authorHEYSE JANen_GB
dc.contributor.authorKOPECKY STEFANen_GB
dc.contributor.authorPARADELA DOBARRO CARLOSen_GB
dc.contributor.authorSCHILLEBEECKX PETERen_GB
dc.contributor.authorEBRAN Aen_GB
dc.contributor.authorROIG Oen_GB
dc.identifier.citationPHYSICAL REVIEW C vol. 100 no. 6 p. 065806en_GB
dc.identifier.issn2469-9985 (online)en_GB
dc.description.abstractResonance energies Eλ, neutron widths Tn,λ, and radiation widths Tγ ,λ for the compound system 175Lu + n were determined up to 1 keV from time-of-flight data reported in literature and recently measured at the GELINA facility of JRC-Geel (Belgium). The statistical analysis of the obtained resonance parameters provides an swave neutron strength function [S0 = 1.96(8)], mean level spacing [D0 = 3.24(9) eV], and average radiation width (<Tγ0> = 61.3(59) meV) which are substantially different from those compiled in libraries dedicated to statistical calculations. The largest difference lies on the average radiation width, for which a value of 77(5) meV is recommended. 175Lu neutron cross sections were calculated with the TALYS code by using our s-wave average parameters as constraints. At kT = 30 keV, we obtain a total neutron capture cross section equal to 1125(62) mbarns, confirming the lower values reported in the 1990s.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.G.2-Standards for Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguardsen_GB
dc.publisherAMER PHYSICAL SOCen_GB
dc.titles-wave average neutron resonance parameters of 175Lu + nen_GB
dc.typeArticles in periodicals and booksen_GB
dc.identifier.doi10.1103/PhysRevC.100.065806 (online)en_GB
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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