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dc.identifier.citationFood Chemistry vol. 63 p. 549en_GB
dc.description.abstractThis review is concerned with analytical methods to prove the authenticity of honey. A special emphasis is put on suitable methods for the detection of the geographical and botanic origin of honey. Whereas the determination of some single parameters such as 5HMF, moisture, enzyme activity, nitrogen, mono- and disaccharides and residues from medicinal treatment or pesticides in honey does not lead to any information about the botanical and geographical origin there are some suitable methods based on analysis of specific components or on multi-component analysis. Mostly, such methods give indications on the botanical origin investigating flavonoids patterns, distributions of pollen, aroma compounds and special marker compounds. There are some other profiles of components which could probably be used for the detection of the geographical origin. In particular, the combination of methods could be a promising approach to prove authenticity, especially, when modern statistical data evaluation techniques will be applied.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.(EI)-Environment Instituteen_GB
dc.titleA Review on Analytical Methods to Determine the Geographical and Botanical Origin of Honey.en_GB
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