Title: Synthesis, Crystal Chemistry, and Physical Properties of Ternary Intermetallic Compounds An2T2X (An = Pu, Am; X = In, Sn; T = Co, Irm Ni, Pd, Pt, Rh).
Authors: PEREIRA Laura cristinaWASTIN Franck henriWINAND Jean marcKANELLAKOPOULOS BasilREBIZANT JeanSPIRLET Jean claudeALMEIDA M.
Citation: Journal of Solid State Chemistry vol. 134 p. 138-147
Publication Year: 1998
JRC N°: JRC16304
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC16304
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: The synthesis, structural, and physical characterization of nine new ternary intermetallic compounds belonging to the isostructural An2T2X family with the transuranium Pu and Am elements, namely. Pu2Ni2In, Pu2Pd2In, Pu2Pt2In, Pu2Rh2In, Pu2Ni2Sn, Pu2Pd,Sn, Pu2PtSn, Am2Ni2Sn, and Am2Pd2Sn, are reported .From these compounds only Pu2Rh2In, Am2Ni2Sn, and Am2Pd2Sn melt incongruently. All of these compounds crystallize in a tetragonal U3Si2-type structure, with the space group P4/mbm, (Z=2) as most of the U and Np 2-2-1 compounds already found. In this structure, An atoms occupy the 4h (x1, x1+0.5, 0.5), T the 4g (x2, x2=0.5, 0), and X the 2a (0, 0, 0) positions. The average values of x1 and x2 are, respectively, 0.17 and 0.37. Single-crystal X-ray data were refined to R/Rw=0.045/0.066, 0.043/0.072, 0.066/0.80, 0.070/0.098, 0.029/0.048, 0.055/0.080, 0.073/0.096, 0.048/0.086, 0.048/0.065 for Pu2Ni2In, Pu2Pd2In, Pu2Pt2In, Pu2Rh2In, Pu2Ni2Sn, Pu2Pd2Sn, Pu2Pt2Sn, Am2Ni2Sn. and Am2Pd2Sn. respectively, for seven variables. The variation of the lattice parameters and the range of stability of the 2-2-1 phase are discussed in terms of the substitution of different An (actinide), T (transition metal), and X (p-electron) elements in their crystal structure. The possible role of spin fluctuations in the low-temperature behavior of the Pu samples is indicated by magnetic and electrical resistivity measurements.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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