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dc.contributor.authorELOIRDI RACHELen_GB
dc.contributor.authorGOUDER THOMASen_GB
dc.contributor.authorWASTIN FRANCKen_GB
dc.contributor.authorREBIZANT JEANen_GB
dc.contributor.authorHUBER FRANKen_GB
dc.identifier.citationPHYSICA B vol. 359-361 p. 1000-1002en_GB
dc.description.abstractThin films of UxM100x (M 1:4 Au,Pd,Ag; x 1:4 02100 at) have been prepared by sputter codeposition from uranium and M targets. They have been studied in situ by ultra violet and X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (UPS and XPS,respectively). For all three systems, we observed regimes of composition where the 5f spectra have two components,one at the Fermi-level and one at the higher binding energy, characteristic for strong electron correlation, whereas in Pd and Ag matrices, transition from itinerant to localized behaviour takes place with dilution (in U25Pd75 and U5Ag95) and there is no domain of purely localized 5f states for U diluted in the Au matrix.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.E.6-Actinides researchen_GB
dc.publisherElsevier B.V.en_GB
dc.titlePhotoemission Study of UxM100-x Films (M=Au,Pd,Ag) Prepared by Sputter Co-Depositionen_GB
dc.typeArticles in periodicals and booksen_GB
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