Title: A Synoptic View of Carbon and Oxygen Dynamics in European Regional Seas: an Approach Coupling Hydrodynamical and Biogeochemical Modelling and Satellite Datasets
Citation: Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Physical Processes in Natural Waters p. 213-219
Publisher: Lancaster University
Publication Year: 2005
JRC N°: JRC33023
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC33023
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: We present the development of an accurate physical-biogechemical coupled model for oxygen and carbon cycles in shelf and eutrophicated areas. Following the recent development of eutrophication indices for coastal and marine areas and several recent attempts to implement thorough but simple coupled bentic/pelagic model, we apply the model in hyghly eutrophicated and sensitive coastal areas of the European seas. We propose a new approach using coupled 3D hydrodynamic model GETM and 1D ecosystem model, additional supplied with primary production data derived from remote sensing. This approach allows us to get a sunoptic view in time and space of carbon and dissolved oxygen concentrations for different basins. Our biogeochemical model includes coupled benthic/pelagic processes specifically addressing oxygen quantification in the sediment, as in the benthic and upepr layers of the water column for biological and physical processes. This ecosystem model will be gradually transitioned from a simple Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) model to a full NPZD/Sediment model, while being fully coupled with the hydrodynamic model for advcetion and diffusion processes. We have run the model for the Baltic Sea, for a first application and validation. Results are compared to simulations fro other published ecosystem models. The model will be validated along with its application as an eutrophication assessment tool for European Regional seas.
JRC Directorate:Sustainable Resources

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