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dc.contributor.authorBIANCHI Anna Flaviaen_GB
dc.identifier.citatione-Government p. 333-340en_GB
dc.description.abstractAbstract: While innovation policies, as well as innovation studies, have considered the public sector under its regulatory and enabling role, if not as an obstacle to innovation, a complementary proactive role of the public sector as a generator of innovation spill over can be envisaged and might be reinforced. It is expected that future European policies will give more attention to the public sector as a set of active institutions with a performing role in the whole economy and society, and in particular on innovation and R&D. In the field of ICT-based innovation, which is the scope of the paper, the public sector is a major purchaser of ICT goods and services, an important service provider to business through ICT, and a large employer of ICT-skilled employees. There is therefore a clear opportunity for the public sector to have a positive impact in the innovation system. The paper aims at setting the problem of the public sector role as a set of organisations fully part of the innovation system, rather than as an external actor. Firstly, it analyses the increased attention devoted to the proactive role of the public sector in recent policy documents. Then, on the background of theories of national systems of innovation, the paper explores how ICT-based innovation in the public sector can have a positive impact on the systems of innovation, and it outlines taxonomy of different types of impacts, drivers and barriers. Finally, it points to specific emerging or early stage technologies where public demand could anticipate the private one, and sets an agenda for future policy-oriented research in this field.en_GB
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dc.titleThe e-Public Sector as an Active Partner in the Innovation Systemen_GB
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