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dc.identifier.citationAIP Conference Proceedings ND 2004 vol. 769 p. 87-90en_GB
dc.description.abstractAn evaluation of the 232Th neutron total and capture cross sections has been performed in the energy region between 4 keV and 140 keV. The evaluation results from a simultaneous analysis of capture, transmission, and self-indication measurement data, including the most recent capture cross-section data obtained at the GELINA facility of the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements at Geel (B) and at the n-TOF facility at CERN (CH). The experimental data have been analysed in terms of average resonance parameters exploiting two independent theoretical approaches — the Characteristic Function model and the Hauser-Feshbach-Moldauer theory. The resulting parameters are consistent with the resolved resonance parameters deduced from the transmission measurements of Olsen et al. at the ORELA facility.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.D.5-Neutron physicsen_GB
dc.publisherAmerican Institute of Physicsen_GB
dc.titleEvaluation of the 232Th Neutron Cross Sections between 4 keV and 140 keVen_GB
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