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dc.contributor.authorBOSCO CLAUDIOen_GB
dc.contributor.authorRUSCO EZIOen_GB
dc.contributor.authorMONTANARELLA LUCAen_GB
dc.description.abstractThe publication will be an analysis on climate change effects and would be a first step to tackle the climate change challenges in Italy. The authors were in charge to analyze the relationship between climate change and soil erosion in the Alpine area. The analysis is made on the actual soil erosion risk and the soil erosion risk according to the climatic data of A2 and B2 scenarios defined by IPCC. The used model is the Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). The results shown that with the climate change scenarios there is a change in the precipitation patterns and an increase of the soil erosion risk in the Alpine areas for the high and very high soil erosion risk classes. The authors underlying the needs for the future research in terms of the better quality of the model data input and verification and calibration of the used model.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.DDG.H.7-Land management and natural hazardsen_GB
dc.publisherBononia University Pressen_GB
dc.title8.4 Il Cambiamento Climatico e l'Erosione Idrica dei Suoli nell'Area Alpinaen_GB
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