Title: Comparative Photoemission Study of Actinide (Am, Pu, Np and U) Metals, Nitrides, and Hydrides
Citation: Material Research Society Symposium Proceedings vol. 986 p. 0986-OO01-02
Publisher: Material Research Society
Publication Year: 2007
JRC N°: JRC41468
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC41468
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: Core-level and valence-band spectra of Pu and the other early actinide compounds show remarkable systematics, which can be understood in the framework of final state screening. We compare the early actinide (U, Np, Pu and Am) metals, nitrides and hydrides and a few other specific compounds (PuSe, PuS, PuCx, PuSix) prepared as thin films by sputter deposition. In choosing these systems, we combine inherent 5f band narrowing, due to 5f orbital contraction throughout the actinide series, with variations of the chemical environment in the compounds. Goal of this work was to learn more on the electronic structure of the early actinide systems and to achieve the correct interpretation of their photoemission spectra. The highly correlated nature of the 5f states in systems, which are on the verge to localization, makes this a challenging task, because of the peculiar interplay between ground state DOS and final-state effects. Their influence can be estimated by doing systematic studies on systems with different (5f) bandwidths. We conclude on the basis of such systematic experiments that final-state effects due to strong e-e correlations in narrow 5f-band systems lead to multiplet like structures, analogous to those observed in the case of systems with localized electron states. Such observations in essentially band-like 5f-systems was first surprising, but the astonishing similarity of photoemission spectra of very different chemical systems (e.g. PuSe, Pu2C3 and ?Ô-Pu) points to a common origin, relating them to atomic features rather than material dependent density of states (DOS) features.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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