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dc.description.abstractThe Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) was established in early 1998 to promote academic teaching and research on GIS at the European level. AGILE seeks to ensure that the views of the geographic information teaching and research community are fully represented in the discussions that take place on future European research agendas and it also provides a permanent scientific forum where geographic information researchers can meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level. In 2007 AGILE provided - for the first time since its existence - a book constituting a collection of scientific papers that were submitted as fullpapers to the annual AGILE conference and went through a competitive and thorough review process. Published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography this first edition was well received within AGILE and within the European Geoinformation Science community as a whole. Thus, the decision was easily made to establish a Springer Volume for the 11th AGILE conference held 2008 in Girona, Spain, and led to what you now hold in your hands. The 11th AGILE call for full-papers of original and unpublished fundamental scientific research in all fields of Geoinformation Science resulted in 54 submissions, of which 23 were accepted for publication in this volume (acceptance rate 43%). These figures are similar to those of the 2007 volume and indicate that having full-paper submissions leading to an annual high-quality scientific edition is a promising model for following AGILE conferences. The scientific papers published here, cover a number of basic topics within Geoinformation Science. The papers included in this book span fundamental aspects of geoinformation processing: Measuring spatiotemporal phenomena, quality and semantics of geoinformation, spatiotemporal analysis, spatiotemporal modelling and decision support, and spatial information infrastructures. We believe that the papers comprise innovative research and take Geoinformation Science one step further. Organising the programme of an International Conference and simultaneously editing a volume of scientific papers necessarily requires time and effort. We therefore would like to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of the authors and reviewers of this book, who in adhering to a strict timetable, helped to finalise this book so that it could be delivered at the AGILE 2008 conference. We thank the local chair Irene Compte (University of Girona) and her team in Girona for giving all kind of local support to make the AGILE 2008 conference happen. Veronica Schemien (TU Dresden) put a lot of effort by supporting us with the editing of this book. Additionally, we would like to thank Definiens AG, ESRI Inc., and Intergraph Corporation who for years have sponsored the annual AGILE conferences. Last but not least, our thanks go to Agata Oelschl├Ąger (Springer) who helped us to finalise this book in time.en_GB
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dc.titleThe European Information Society - Taking Geoinformation Science One Step Furtheren_GB
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