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dc.contributor.authorSIRGHI LUCELen_GB
dc.contributor.authorPONTI JESSICAen_GB
dc.contributor.authorROSSI FRANCOISen_GB
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dc.identifier.citationEUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS vol. 37 no. 6 p. 935-945en_GB
dc.description.abstractAtomic force microscopy (AFM) indentation has become an important technique for quantifying the mechanical properties of live cells at nanoscale. However, determination of cell elasticity modulus from the force- displacement curves measured in the AFM indentations is not a trivial task. The present work shows that these force- displacement curves are affected by indenter-cell adhesion force, while the use of an appropriate indentation model may provide information on the cell elasticity and the work of adhesion of the cell membrane to the surface of the AFM probes. A recently proposed indentation model (Sirghi, Rossi in Appl Phys Lett 89:243118, 2006), which accounts for the effect of the adhesion force in nanoscale indentation, is applied to the AFM indentation experiments performed on live cells with pyramidal indenters. The model considers that the indentation force equilibrates the elastic force of the cell cytoskeleton and the adhesion force of the cell membrane. It is assumed that the indenter-cell contact area and the adhesion force decrease continuously during the unloading part of the indentation (peeling model). Force-displacement curves measured in indentation experiments performed with silicon nitride AFM probes with pyramidal tips on live cells (mouse fibroblast Balb/c3T3 clone A31-1-1) in physiological medium at 37°C agree well with the theoretical prediction and are used to determine the cell elasticity modulus and indentercell work of adhesion.en_GB
dc.titleProbing Elasticity and Adhesion of Live Cells by Atomic Force Microscopy Indentationen_GB
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