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dc.identifier.citationJOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER vol. 20 p. 215230en_GB
dc.description.abstractSQUID magnetometry and polarized neutron reflectivity (PNR) measurements have been employed to characterize the magnetic properties of U/Fe, U/Co and U/Gd multilayers. The field dependence of the magnetization was measured at 10 K in magnetic fields up to 70 kOe. A reduction in the magnetic moment was found for all systems. Magnetic 'dead' layers of ~15 Å were determined for U/Fe and U/Co samples, indicative of chemically diffuse interfaces. For very thick layers, magnetic moments close to the bulk values were expected. For the U/Gd system, a large reduction in the magnetic moment, constant over a wide range of Gd layer thicknesses, was found (~4 µB compared with 7.63 µB for the bulk metal). A possible explanation for this behaviour, consistent with observations of the structure of these multilayers, is that the Gd moments are pinned at the boundaries of column-like crystallites within the Gd layers. A study of the effective anisotropy and of a finite-size scaling behaviour of the U/Gd system is also presented. PNR data were collected in a field of 4.4 kOe for U/Fe and U/Co samples (at room temperature) and for U/Gd samples (at 10 K). Model calculations of the reflectivities used inputs extracted from the structural survey carried out on these systems, combined with data from the bulk magnetization measurements.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.E.6-Actinides researchen_GB
dc.titleA Study of Uranium-based Multilayers - II. Magnetic Propertiesen_GB
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