Title: Exploratory Work for the PMP Heavy-Duty Inter-laboratory Correlation Exercise
Citation: Proceedings of the EAC 2008
Publisher: Hellenic Association for Aerosol Research (HAAR)
Publication Year: 2008
JRC N°: JRC46833
URI: http://www.eac2008.org/EAC2008-Program.htm
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: The results of the LD inter-laboratory exercise were reported during 2007 (Andersson et al. 2007). The HD exercise consists of three parts: ¿ The exploratory work at JRC for the definition of the measurement protocol. It includes system and sample backgrounds, filter media and filter face velocity effects, preconditioning, comparisons of different particle number systems, and investigation of the particle number instruments. ¿ The validation exercise for the evaluation of particle number repeatability and reproducibility using the same measurement systems at all labs (Golden Systems). In the validation exercise, an engine (Golden Engine) will be circulated along with two Golden Systems used to simultaneously sample from full (FFDS) and partial flow exhaust dilution (PFDS) systems respectively. The Golden Engineer and project manager will ensure that the participating labs closely follow the measurement protocol. Low sulphur fuel and lubricant from single batches will be used at all labs. The participating labs are JRC (I), AVL_MTC (S), RICARDO (UK), UTAC (F), and EMPA (CH). JRC tested first and will also measure last to demonstrate consistency of measurement systems and test engine. ¿ The round robin exercise for the evaluation of particle number repeatability and reproducibility using different systems. In the round robin, a reference engine will circulate, but each lab will use its own particle number systems from FFDS and optionally from PFDS. All labs will use fuel and lubricant of the same type (but not from the same batch). The participating labs are from EU, Japan, Korea and Canada. The validation and the round robin exercises, which will run in parallel, started after the exploratory work in JRC (Feb 2008).
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