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dc.description.abstractThis commentary gives explanations and worked examples to the design rules in Eurocode 3 that are influenced by the strength and toughness properties of the structural steels used. It is a commentary and background document to EN 1993-1-10 "Material toughness and through thickness properties" and its extension in EN 1993-1-12 "Design rules for high-strength steels", where toughness properties are explicitly addressed. It however provides also background to other parts of EN 1993, e.g. to EN 1993-1-1 "Design of steel structures - Basic rules and rules for buildings", where the design rules are related only to strength properties as the yield strength and the tensile strength without explicitly mentioning the role of toughness that is hidden behind the resistance formulae. Finally it gives some comments to chapter 6 of EN 1998-1: "Design of structures for earthquake resistance - Part 1: General rules, seismic actions and rules for buildings".en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.G.5-European laboratory for structural assessmenten_GB
dc.titleCommentary and Worked Examples to EN 1993-1-10 "Material Toughness and Through Thickness Properties" and Other Toughness Oriented Rules in EN 1993en_GB
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