Title: Final Recommendations towards a Methodology for Technology Watch at EU Level: STACCATO Deliverable 2.2.1
Publisher: OPOCE
Publication Year: 2009
JRC N°: JRC50348
ISSN: 1018-5593
Other Identifiers: EUR 23762 EN
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC50348
Type: EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
Abstract: As part of the PASR 2006 supporting activity STACCATO an investigation into a European ¿Technology Watch¿ for security was conducted using amongst other means an expert workshop. This activity was run in parallel to the competence mapping of the security industry and academia of Europe which resulted in a database and separate report (STACCATO Deliverable 2.1.1). Primary tasks for the technology watch could be 1: policy support: i.e. identifying security areas/topics in need of greater European focus and feedback on outcome of enacted policy; 2: ¿technology warning¿, monitoring emerging technologies for possible side effects detrimental to societal security; 3. technology transfer support, particularly for SME¿s since they are generally not capable of fielding their own technology watch efforts. A Technology watch effort should be based on one or more already existing stakeholder networks of established European actors in the security arena ¿ a ¿club of the willing¿, containing at least 10 actors from both industry and academia. Such an organisation would need to be relied upon to be neutral and impartial, thus the work process must be fully transparent and open to scrutiny, i.e. with all conclusions traceable to their individual sources. The organisation and supporting processes need to promote speed and flexibility, in particular in order to help accelerate the standardisation process of emerging technologies and solutions.
JRC Directorate:Space, Security and Migration

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