Title: A Robust Model to Measure Governance in African Countries
Authors: SAISANA MichaelaANNONI PaolaNARDO Michela
Publisher: OPOCE
Publication Year: 2009
JRC N°: JRC50643
ISBN: 978-92-79-11604-9
ISSN: 1018-5593
Other Identifiers: EUR 23773 EN
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC50643
DOI: 10.2788/82544
Type: EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
Abstract: Levels of performance of any government do matter in determining the quality of the civil society. The Ibrahim Index of African Governance developed by the Harvard Kennedy School shows how governance can be measured. The Index assesses governance issues over time (2000, 2002, 2005, 2006) and for 48 African countries south of the Sahara, according to a five-pillar conceptual structure: (a) Safety and Security, (b) Rule of Law, Transparency, and Corruption, (c) Participation and Human Rights, (d) Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and (e) Human Development. This report aims at validating and critically assessing the methodological approach undertaken to build the 2006 Index of African Governance, by raising two key questions: o Is the Index of African Governance internally sound and consistent from a statistical and conceptual point of view? o What scenarios could have been used to build the Index and how do the results from these scenarios compare to the original results? The overall assessment of the 2006 Index by means of multivariate analyses, uncertainty and sensitivity analyses reveals no particular shortcomings in the conceptual structure. Data-driven narratives on governance issues in Africa are also offered in this report with a view to show directions of discussions and messages that stem from an index-based analysis of governance. Overall, the Index of African Governance can be reliably used to identify weaknesses, propose remedial actions, allow for easy spatial and temporal comparisons (benchmarking), to prioritize countries in Africa of relatively low governance content, monitor and evaluate policies effectiveness and ultimately to funnel resources to countries through, for example, multilateral and bilateral agreements between African countries.
JRC Directorate:Space, Security and Migration

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