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dc.description.abstractTo meet the growing need of people for increasing farm income and to minimize the negative environmental impact of today¿s farm practices, a new farming concept has been evolved where inputs are fine tuned and optimized according to the local field variability such that yield increment is achieved with a minimum harm to the local environment. This farming concept is different than the traditional farming system and can be highlighted as a precision agriculture system or more specifically termed as site specific land management (SSLM) which takes the advantage of recent technological developments and their uses in agriculture. It operates by matching resource application and agronomic practices with soil attributes and crop requirements as they vary across a field leading to the overall economic and environmental benefits. This report explains in brief a general concept and principle of this eco-friendly farming approach with some common procedures to be followed while planning of SSLM in any area. It also provides an example of applying this farming concept in a small area in Belgium and recommends some land and crop management practices. Finally it also emphasizes a need of more research activities to advance it and extend this technology to the farming community for all possible benefits. We believe this report can be helpful to the farm managers and soil researchers who are not very much familiar with the concept of SSLM and might show a general ways in adopting and applying this farming technology.en_GB
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dc.titleSite Specific Land Management; General Concepts and Applicationsen_GB
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