Title: An International Standard for Observation Data
Authors: COX SIMON
Citation: Geophyscial Research Abstracts vol. 12
Publisher: Copernicus
Publication Year: 2010
JRC N°: JRC56467
URI: http://www.geophys-res-abstr.net
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: A generic information model for observations and related features supports data exchange both within and between different scientific and technical communities. Observations and Measurements (O&M) formalizes a neutral terminology for observation data and metadata. It was based on a model developed for medical observations, and draws on experience from geology and mineral exploration, in-situ monitoring, remote sensing, intelligence, biodiversity studies, ocean observations and climate simulations. Hundreds of current deployments of Sensor Observation Services (SOS), covering multiple disciplines, provide validation of the O&M model. A W3C Incubator group on 'Semantic Sensor Networks' is now using O&M as one of the bases for development of a formal ontology for sensor networks. O&M was developed through Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as part of the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) initiative. Other SWE standards include SensorML, SOS, Sensor Planning Service (SPS). The OGC O&M standard (Version 1) had two parts: part 1 describes observation events, and part 2 provides a schema sampling features. A revised version of O&M (Version 2) is to be published in a single document as ISO 19156. O&M Version 1 included an XML encoding for data exchange, which is used as the payload for SOS responses. The new version will provide a UML model only. Since an XML encoding may be generated following a rule, such as that presented in ISO 19136 (GML 3.2), it is not included in the standard directly. O&M Version 2 thus supports multiple physical implementations and versions.
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