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dc.description.abstractThe BioSoil demonstration Project was initiated under the Forest Focus-Scheme (Regulation (EC) Nr. 2152/2003) concerning the monitoring of forests and environmental interactions in the Community, and aimed to broaden the scope of previous forest monitoring activities (on atmospheric pollution and forest fires) to the fields of soil characteristics and biodiversity indicators. The preliminary data analysis concentrated on the evaluation of a selected number of parameters of the data submitted by NFCs and sampling procedures. For soil the parameters needed to establish soil organic carbon densities were analysed. The spatial consistency of data reported between NFCs was found to vary significantly between sources also for assumed constant parameters (volume of coarse fragments). The temporal stability and changes in variable parameters were assessed using data from the previous soil condition survey on Level I sites. A particular problem in sampling and reporting data was the separation of the organic layer from the soil material, which was approached differently by the NFCs. No clear trend in the development of soil organic carbon over the previous survey was found. The analysis of data on biodiversity concentrated on the consistency and completeness of the parameters reported. Plot characteristics were mapped and species diversity was established based on commonly used indices expressing the richness and distribution of species present on a site. Relationships between forest type and species diversity were explored. Regional differences in identifying and reporting species between sites became evident during the analysis. The evaluation of both modules concluded that the manuals detailing sampling and analysis of the data collected need to be up-dated with a clear and unambiguous description of procedures to follow and inconsistencies removed.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.DDG.H.7-Land management and natural hazardsen_GB
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dc.titleEvaluation of BioSoil Demonstration Project - Preliminary Data Analysisen_GB
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