Title: Internal and External Dosimetry organization in the Joint Research Centre of Ispra
Citation: Third European IRPA Congress p. p04-36
Publisher: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Publication Year: 2010
JRC N°: JRC58255
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC58255
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: Abstract The Joint Research Centre of Ispra, one of the research Sites belonging to the European Commission, Directorate General JRC, was created in the late ¿50s, in order to steer European research on nuclear industry. It hosts numerous nuclear facilities, some of which are maintained in operation, while others were shutdown in past years, namely: two research nuclear reactors, hot cells facilities, radiochemical laboratories, one Cyclotron (still in operation), facilities for studies on fissile material (in operation), and some facilities for the treatment and storage of liquid and solid waste (in operation). The JRC accounts for 16 nuclear licences, 14 Controlled Zones and 12 main Surveilled Zones, on its Ispra Site. The Radiation Protection Sector employs the services of some internal laboratories for the assessment of external and internal doses: the ¿Dosimetry¿ Laboratory (for personal and ambient TLDs), the Whole Body Count Laboratory, the Radiotoxicological Laboratory (for analyses on excreta), the Radiation Protection Sector itself (for ambient dose and contamination reporting, and electronic personal dosimeters readings). Some of these Services are open also to the external market, and JRC-Ispra is among the few being able to provide, in Italy, either for internal and external dosimetric services to Customers. The paper will discuss the organization and the structure of the Dosimetry and the Whole Body Count Laboratories, and their functions in the management of daily Radiation Protection tasks at the JRC. Moreover, in order to follow-up and control Personnel radiation doses, the Radiation Protection Sector has developed and put in place, in 2007, the ¿Unified Dosimetry System¿, a wide and flexible database centralizing all dosimetric data and making them on-line available to JRC Radiation Protection experts and to the JRC Qualified Expert.
JRC Directorate:Joint Research Centre Corporate Activities

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