Title: The GIF Proliferation Resistence and Physical Protection (PR&PP) Evaluation Methodology: Overview and Perspectives
Citation: ENC 2010 Transactions - ISBN 978-92-95064-09-6 p. 5
Publisher: European Nuclear Society
Publication Year: 2010
JRC N°: JRC58624
URI: http://www.euronuclear.org/events/enc/enc2010/transactions/ENC2010-transactions-wed.pdf
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) was established in 2000 to perform research and development for a new generation of nuclear energy systems (NES). The so-called Generation IV. Generation IV NES are expected to excel in sustainability, safety, economics, proliferation resistance and physical protection robustness. In 2002 GIF created a working group, the Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection (PR&PP WG) with the primary task to develop a methodology for evaluation of PR&PP aspects of GEN IV nuclear energy systems. The current version, of the methodology, Revision 5, was published in 2007 for open distribution on the GIF web site together with an accompanying volume of appendixes. In order to develop the methodology a series of development and demonstration case studies were carried out, based on a notional sodium cooled fast neutron nuclear reactor system, named the Example Sodium Fast Reactor (ESFR). The 2007-2009 ESFR case study analyzed the response of the entire ESFR nuclear energy system to different proliferation and theft strategies. Three proliferation strategies were considered: Concealed diversion, Concealed misuse, and Breakout. One objective of the case study was to investigate whether the PR&PP methodology could capture differences in proliferation resistance among varied design configurations. In 2008 the PR&PP WG began a closer interaction with the GEN IV System Steering Committees (SSCs). A series of workshops were carried out and white papers are currently being jointly prepared for all six Gen IV concepts, emphasizing the PR&PP aspects and identifying areas for R&D work. This paper will briefly recall the PR&PP evaluation methodology, and then summarize the main findings of the 2007-2009 case study. Finally, it will present some of the work started in collaboration with the GEN IV SSCs and perspectives for the future activities of the group.
JRC Directorate:Space, Security and Migration

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