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dc.contributor.authorPEREBOOM-DE FAUW D.en_GB
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dc.contributor.authorVAN EGMOND Hansen_GB
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dc.identifier.citationWorld Mycotoxin Journal vol. 3 no. 2 p. 135-146en_GB
dc.description.abstractA method for the determination of fumonisin B1 (FB1) and B2 (FB2) in different commercial maize-based products for infants and young children was developed and tested in a limited validation study involving 3 laboratories. The method used extraction at 55C with an acidic mixture of methanol-acetonitrile-citrate/phosphate buffer, clean-up through immunoaffinity column and fumonisin determination by high performance liquid chromatography with automated pre-column derivatisation with 0-phthaldialdehyde. Recovery experiments were performed at five spiking levels in the ranges of 80-800 ug/kg FB1 and 20-200 ug/kg FB2. Mean recoveries ranged from 83 to 97% for PB1 and from 61-78% for FB2. Relative standard deviations for within-laboratory repeatability (RSDr) ranged from 5 to 12% for PFb and from 8-13% for FB2, whereas relative standard deviation for between-laboratory reproducibility (RSDR) ranged from 6 to 10% for FB1 and from 9-16% for FB2. The limit of quantification of the method (signal to noise ratio of 60 was 2.8 ug/kg for FB1 and 2.2 ug/kg for FB2. Fumonisins were found in 6 out of 19 maize-based baby foods obtained from the Italian retail market at levels up to 53 ug/kg.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.DG.D.6-Food Safety and Qualityen_GB
dc.publisherWageningen Academic Publishersen_GB
dc.titleDetermination of Fumonisins B1 and B2 in Maize-Based Baby Food Products by HPLC with Fluorimetric Detection after Immunoaffinity Column Clean-upen_GB
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