Title: ESARDA Bulletin n° 46
Editors: TAGZIRIA Hamid
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
Publication Year: 2011
JRC N°: JRC63848
ISSN: 0392-3029
Other Identifiers: OPOCE LN-AB-11-046-EN-C
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC63848
Type: Books
Abstract: Table of Content issue n° 46 ESARDA News The European Commission Cooperative Support Programme: 30 Years of Activities J. G. M. Gonçalves, S. Abousahl, Y. Aregbe, W. Janssens and K. Lützenkirchen New Member: URENCO Tim Korbmacher Peer reviewed section He-3 Replacement for Nuclear Safeguards Applications - an Integrated Test Program to Compare Alternative Neutron Detectors H.O. Menlove, D. Henzlova, L.G. Evans, M.T. Swinhoe, and J.B. Marlow The Role of Monte Carlo Burnup Calculations in Quantifying Plutonium Mass in Spent Fuel Assemblies with Non-Destructive Assay Jack D. Galloway, Stephen J. Tobin, Holly R. Trellue, and M. L. Fensin Application and Development of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Instrumentation for International Safeguards J. E. Barefield II, L.L. Lopez, J. L. Jolin, and S. M. Clegg Development of Solution Monitoring Software for enhanced safeguards at a large scale reprocessing facility C. Van Handenhove, D. Breban, C. Creusot, P. Dransart, L. Dechamp, E. Jardé Error estimation in nuclear material weighing B. Thaurel High Resolution Radar Satellite Imagery Analysis for Safeguards Applications C. Minet, M. Eineder, A. Rezniczek and I. Niemeyer Preparation and development of new Pu spike isotopic reference materials at IRMM R. Jakopič, J. Bauwens, S. Richter, M. Sturm, A. Verbruggen, R. Wellum, R. Eykens, F. Kehoe, H. Kühn and Y. Aregbe Safeguards by Design – As Applied to the Sellafield Product and Residue Store (SPRS) P. Chare, Y. Lahogue, P. Schwalbach, A. Smejkal, B. Patel A Safeguardability Check-List for Safeguard by Design F. Sevini, G. Renda and V. Sidlova The Role of NMAC Audits in Euratom Safeguards – Development of an audit framework Ó.A. Moya, C. Hill, W. Kahnmeyer, C. Koutsoyannopoulos, M. Boella. Transparency and other State-Specific Factors: Exploration of Ideas for Evolving the IAEA’s System of State-Evaluations and Safeguards Implementation C. Everton, R. Leslie, S. Bayer, M. East The National Implementation of Nuclear Export Controls: Developing a Best Practice Model A. Viski Group Representation of the Prompt Fission Neutron Spectrum of 252Cf S. Croft and K. Miller The Passive Neutron Enrichment Meter for Uranium Cylinder Assay K. A. Miller, H. O. Menlove, M. T. Swinhoe, J. B. Marlow Working Groups activities Report by the Working Group on Verification Technologies and Methodologies M. Richard Report by the Working Group on Novel Technologies - Novel Approaches H. Toivonen Report by the Working Group on Containment and Surveillance J.G.M. Gonçalves Report by the Working Group on Non Destructive Analysis P. Peerani and A. Webber Report by the Working Group on Training and Knowledge Management T. Jonter, M. Marín-Ferrer and S. Grap 9th ESARDA Course on Nuclear Safeguards and Non Proliferation-TKM WG M.Marín-Ferrer Report on the Workshop on LA-ICP_MS organized by the Destructive Analysis Working Group Y. Aregbe, T. Prohaska, Z. Stefanka , É. Széles , A Hubert , S Boulyga Technical sheets COMPUCEA for on-site accountancy verification
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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