Title: Neutron Inelastic Scattering Cross Section Measurements for 23Na
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
Publication Year: 2011
JRC N°: JRC64390
ISBN: 978-92-79-19842-7
ISSN: 1018-5593
Other Identifiers: EUR 24781 EN
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC64390
DOI: 10.2787/42712
Type: EUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reports
Abstract: In March 2011 the final data from measurements for the 23Na(n,n'gamma) reaction were delivered to the CEA - Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique, Cadarache, France in the context of the EURATOM-CEA collaboration agreement. This report documents that deliverable. The measurement campaign was initiated in response to a request expressed by the CEA at a meeting of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion nuclear data library project in 2007. This meeting took place under the auspices of the Nuclear Energy Agency (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The CEA supports research for the advanced, Generation-IV type, sodium cooled fast reactor and is engaged in a project to develop a prototype: ASTRID - the advanced sodium test reactor for industrial development. Inelastic scattering cross sections for sodium are of interest to the development of sodium cooled fast reactors. A recent OECD-NEA subgroup analysed the sensitivity of reactor parameters to cross sections and accordingly determined target uncertainties for the nuclear data [1]. Comparing these target uncertainties with the current status of nuclear data uncertainties and covariance data resulted in a list of target priorities. Among these features sodium inelastic scattering for which a target uncertainty of 4% was established for the average cross section in the energy range from threshold to 1.35 MeV. This is approximately seven times as good as the uncertainty for current evaluated data files for this isotope (see OECD-NEA High Priority Request List [2]). At IRMM, the GAINS gamma-array for inelastic neutron scattering was developed with the purpose of measuring cross sections with uncertainties at or below the target uncertainties for nuclides like 23Na using the (n, n'g)-technique [3,4]. In response to the request, a measurement campaign of the 23Na(n,n¿g) reaction was conducted with the GAINS array during 2009-2010, using metallic Na discs of 99.8% purity. The sample and the measurements were made at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements in Geel making use of GELINA, the Geel linear electron accelerator that drives a pulsed white neutron source allowing measurements by the neutron time-of-flight technique. A preliminary report of this work was presented earlier [5]. For the experimental work a careful review was made of the gamma-efficiency calibrations and the flux normalization in order to investigate in detail the corrections and the final uncertainties that may realistically be achieved.
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