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dc.identifier.isbn978-92-79-21050-1 (print), 978-92-79-21051-8 (online)en_GB
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dc.description.abstractCO2 emissions of new passenger cars (PCs) registered in Europe are monitored in order to meet the objectives of Regulation EC 443/2009. This calls for an average CO2 emission of 130 g/km for new PCs registered in Europe to be met by vehicle measures in 2015. This decreases to 95 g/km in 2020. Similar regulations are gradually promoted for other vehicle categories as well, more prominently for light commercial vehicles (LCVs). CO2 emissions of new vehicle types are determined during the vehicle type-approval by testing over the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Worries have been expressed that this driving cycle is not representative of real-world driving conditions. It is considered that fuel consumption, and hence CO2 emissions (and air pollutant emissions), measured over this cycle under-represent reality. This report uses real-world information to compare in-use fuel consumption of PCs with type-approval CO2. The main objective was to develop functions that may enable prediction of in-use fuel consumption values, based on vehicle specifications. The functions can then be used in inventorying tools, such as COPERT and HBEFA, to correctly allocate fuel consumption to the different PC vehicle types.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.F.9-Sustainable Transport (Ispra)en_GB
dc.publisherPublications Office of the European Unionen_GB
dc.titleParameterisation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for modelling purposesen_GB
dc.typeEUR - Scientific and Technical Research Reportsen_GB
dc.identifier.doi10.2788/58009 (print), 10.2788/58071 (online)en_GB
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