Title: Finite Element Analysis on the VTT-IRSN Flexural Failure Test
Authors: MARTIN OliverCENTRO VincentSCHWOERTZIG Thierry
Citation: NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN vol. 252 p. 88-95
Publication Year: 2012
JRC N°: JRC67684
ISSN: 0029-5493
URI: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0029549312004116
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nucengdes.2012.07.015
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: In this paper Finite Element (FE) analyses on the VTT-IRSN Flexural Failure Test are described. The FE analyses are part of the contribution of the Joint Research Centre in Petten, The Netherlands, together with Altair Engineering France, Antony, France for the Benchmark Project “Improving the Robustness of Assessment Methodologies for Structures impacted by Missiles (IRIS)” of the Subgroup on Concrete of the Working Groups on the Integrity and Ageing of Components and Structures (WGIAGE) of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of OECD. The FE analyses are performed with the explicit solver RADIOSS and Lagrangian meshes are used for the missile and the concrete slab. The modelling approach is identical to the one described by Martin et al. (2011) in their article on their FE analyses on the Meppen-II-4 Test, which were also performed for the IRIS Benchmark Project. The analysis results for the VTT-IRSN Flexural Test basically confirm the conclusions drawn from the analyses on the Meppen-II-4 Test by Martin et al. (2011). Prediction of the deformation behaviour of the missile, including lengths of damaged and undamaged sections, and global results of the slab test (energy balance, duration of impact process, to a limited extent slab appearance, etc.) can be reasonably accomplished by the analysis. The prediction of measured time series for slab deflections and strains, measured on the slab surface and on reinforcements, by the analysis remains challenging. The analysis underestimates the amplitudes and overall level of the slab deflections of the tests. The same could be observed between measured and calculated reinforcement strains, but not on such a significant scale. Concerning the strain on the slab surface, tests and analysis are in good agreement.
JRC Directorate:Energy, Transport and Climate

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