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dc.description.abstractThis report describes the user interface and the main commands to perform system dependability analysis by means of ASTRA Plus. This package implements the analysis methods developed at the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen from mid-2008. ASTRA Plus is composed of the Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) module and of the Concurrent Importance and Sensitivity Analysis (CISA) module. The FTA module contains three different methods for solving a fault tree; all are based on the state of the art approach of Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD). These three methods allow the user to analyse fault trees of increasing complexity (i.e. increasing number of basic events and gates). In particular the third method, which is based on functional decomposition, allow performing the analysis of fault trees of very high complexity. The CISA module is based on a new methodology for system design improvement. The key operation is the calculation of Global Importance Measures of basic events considering all system fault trees. This allows identifying the weakest part of the system with reference to all top-events. Then the on-line sensitivity analysis allows the user to rapidly identify the set of suitable design improvements from which the best cost-effective one can be selected.en_GB
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dc.titleASTRA Plus User Manualen_GB
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JRC Directorate:Space, Security and Migration

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