Title: ESARDA Bulletin nr. 47
Editors: TAGZIRIA Hamid
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
Publication Year: 2012
JRC N°: JRC73573
ISSN: 0392-3029
Other Identifiers: OPOCE LB-AB-12-047-EN-C
URI: http://esarda2.jrc.it/bulletin/bulletin_47/B_2012_047.pdf
Type: Books
Abstract: Table of contents Letter from the Editor H. Tagziria 1 Letter to the Editor Higher Order Dead Time Corrections for Neutron Multiplicity Counting 2 S. Croft and A. Favali ESARDA Tribune Twenty years of ABACC: Accomplishments, lessons learnt and future perspectives 4 Orpet J.M. Peixoto Peer reviewed section Quench gas and preamplifier selection influence on 3He tube performance for spent fuel applications 10 D. Henzlova and H. Menlove Estimating the Dieaway Time and its Precision from Shift Register Data 17 S. Croft, L.G. Evans, D. Henzlova and K.A. Miller Reactor Neutrino Detection for Non Proliferation with the NUCIFER Experiment 22 L. Bouvet, S. Bouvier, V.M. Bui and H. Carduner et al. Verification of the enrichment of fresh VVER-440 fuel assemblies at NPP Paks 28 I. Almasi, Z. Hlavathy, C.T. Nguyen, M. Beier et al. Filtering with the Centered Moving Median to Effectively Monitor Solution Processes for Safeguard Purposes 33 P. Richir and Z. Dzbikowicz On-Line Enrichment Monitor for UF6 Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant 41 K.D. Ianakiev, B. Boyer, A. Favalli, J.M. Goda et al. Reference configuration for reliable and secure data acquisition and remote data transfer 46 K. Schoop, P. Schwalbach, A. Smejkal, R. Linnebach et al. Efficient use of low resolution personal radiation detectorsat borders 53 T. Honkamaa, T. Ansaranta, A. Kuusi and S.-L. Lehtinen The Impact of Interdependencies on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Safeguards 56 N. Kyriakopolous Exploiting the Geospatial Dimension of Data in Support of IAEA Safeguard 65 M. McDaniel, D. Bleakly and K. Horak Applicability of the Directed Graph Methodology 72 J. Hustzti, A. Nemeth and A. Vincze A Little Customs Glossary for IAEA Safeguards: Customs Procedures and Concepts that Matter for the Implementation of Modern Safeguards 80 R. Chatelus Systematic classification of civil society contributions to nuclear safeguards 89 M. Kanilowski Working Groups activities Report on the Workshop on LA-ICP_MS organized by the Destructive Analysis WG 94 Y. Aregbe, T. Prohaska, Z. Stefanka , É. Széles et al. Guidelines for the development of sealing systems (WG on Containment and Surveillance) 104 M. Chiaramello Report on the 2011 INMM/ESARDA Workshop: The future of Safeguards and Non-Proliferation 109 K. Soreneson, J.Larromore and M. Richard Report on Stand-off Detection Technologies meeting organized by the Esarda Na/NT and NDA WGs in Helsinki 111 Harri Taivonen Report by the WG on Non Destructive Analysis 114 A. Webber Technical sheet Plutonium Assay by Controlled-Potential Coulometry 116 M. Holland, J. Tushingham and Y. Aregbe
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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