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dc.identifier.citation35th ESARDA Symposium Proceedings p. paper n° 89en_GB
dc.description.abstractOn an initiative of the Joint Research Centre a European Nuclear Safety and Security School (EN3S) is being established. This School shall offer training on specialization topics related to the nuclear fuel cycle, one of it is "Nuclear Security, Safeguards and Forensics". For this reason the EUSECTRA project has been carried out at ITU in collaboration with DG-HOME. Its task is to build up training facilities and to offer training concerning nuclear security, safeguards and forensics to a wide auditorium, i.e. radioprotection and border control officers, police officers and safeguards inspectors from IAEA and EURATOM. In this framework also a measurement-facility for safeguards-training concerning non-destructive analysis (NDA) is built, located in ITU at Karlsruhe. In this paper the status of a new NDA training facility for safeguards, currently under construction, is presented. It is housed in an around 100 m2 large steel container in one of the experimental halls of ITU in Karlsruhe. As in this container only encapsulated radioactive material shall be used, it establishes a contamination free controlled area. Basically inspectors from EURATOM and IAEA shall be trained there in active and passive neutron measurements, as well as in Uranium and Plutonium isotopic composition measurements using Gamma spectrometric methods and related topics.en_GB
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dc.titleA new Facility for NDA-Safeguards Trainingen_GB
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