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dc.identifier.citationTransactions of the American Nuclear Society vol. 106 p. 1187 - 1188en_GB
dc.description.abstractFast reactor metal fuels containing minor actinides (MA) Np, Am, Cm were irradiated in the fast reactor Phénix to investigate the effects of MA additions on the irradiation behavior of U-Pu-Zr alloy fuel. In this irradiation experiment, unusual fuel fabrication method and irradiation condition were applied: the metal fuel rods were prepared by a gravity casting of arc-melted fuel alloy, and a lot of cast fuel rods of 20-50mm were piled to form a fuel stack. Furthermore, the axial peak power during the irradiation appeared at a relatively high position because the metal fuel stack was loaded in the lower level of the reactor core, as shown in Fig. 1. For such unique experimental conditions, the irradiation behavior of the fuel alloy might be different from the conventional data. In the present study, fission gas release behavior in these experimental conditions was evaluated, and helium gas release that is one of the major concerns in MA-containing fuels was analyzed.en_GB
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dc.publisherAmerican Nuclear Societyen_GB
dc.titleEvaluation of Gas Release Behavior of Minor Actinide-Containing Metal Fuelen_GB
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