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dc.identifier.citationNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN vol. 271 no. May 2014 p. 1en_GB
dc.description.abstractThis special edition features selected articles from the 6th International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology (HTR 2012), held under the motto “Nuclear Energy for the Future” from October 28 to November 1, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. Following earlier HTR Conferences in Petten (2002), Beijing (2004), Johannesburg (2006), Washington, DC (2008), and Prague (2010), this meeting served once again as a podium for more than 200 stakeholders in HTR technology from 13 countries: vendors, utilities, engineering firms, end-user companies and research organizations. Japan as the venue for this conference had been agreed upon well before the Fukushima-Daiichi accident. All participants have honored the undivided commitment of the Japanese organizers to maintain this event, despite already huge workloads and the risk of anti-nuclear demonstrations against this conference. A keynote speech on the situation in Japan in the aftermath of Fukushima triggered multiple discussions on how to make nuclear energy safer and how to communicate correctly with the public and industrial and political decision makers. In three plenary sessions national perspectives and energy policies were presented, and it was discussed how HTR deployment could be accelerated. A panel session was devoted to a discussion on which safety standards to set for commercial HTRs. The technical sessions saw active discussions on HTR development plans in various countries and in eight topics, namely nuclear process heat applications, reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, nuclear fuel and waste, materials and components. The sum of the presented papers not only provided an excellent overview of the current technical status and future developments but also on the available wealth of information from previous and ongoing work. A public forum was held at the conference premises to support a nationwide debate in Japan on the future use of nuclear energy. The conference attendees supported a common declaration which well summarized the current status:  Tests at the AVR, HTR-10 and recently on the HTTR have demonstrated that HTGR continues to stand out as an exceptionally safe and reliable nuclear energy technology. The HTTR will be employed for even more extensive safety testing soon, which will be useful for strengthening worldwide public confidence and acceptance.  HTGR proven up to 950oC coolant outlet promises to be highly efficient and adaptable to both electrical and industrial applications including hydrogen production. Its practical uses can lead to reduction in CO2 emission from industry.  There is confirmed demand for nuclear process heat applications ranging from steam to hydrogen with very high market potential.  HTGR can help cope with problems related to population growth, industrial development and the resulting CO2 emissions and finite fossil fuel resources.  HTGR is close to commercial deployment, and should be recognized for its value by industry, policy makers, users and investors.  Excellent research and development progress has been made since the last meeting held in Prague in 2010. Completing research and development as well as licensing efforts through private and public cooperation is needed to realize HTGR deployment in the near future. The editors thank the authors for offering their papers to this special edition. Clearly, the local organizers in Tokyo deserve the highest degree of acknowledgement for their friendly determination and fabulous hospitality which largely contributed to make HTR 2012 successful in a difficult context. HTR 2014 will be held in September/October 2014 in China.en_GB
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dc.titleEditorial: Special edition on HTR 2012 conferenceen_GB
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