Title: The European Radon Mapping Project
Citation: IX Latin American IRPA Regional Congress on Radiation Protection and Safety - IRPA 2013
Publisher: Sociedada Brasileira de Proteção Radiológica
Publication Year: 2013
JRC N°: JRC84757
URI: http://www.sbpr.org.br/irpa13/AnaisdoIRPA2013/RadiacionnaturalNORMyTENORM/3714.pdf
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: There is almost unanimous agreement that indoor radon (Rn) represents a hazard to human health. Large-scale epidemiological studies gave evidence that Rn is the second-most important cause of lung cancer after smoking and that also relatively low Rn concentrations can be detrimental. This has increasingly led to attempts to limit Rn exposure through regulation, mainly building codes. The proposed Euratom Basic Safety Standards (BSS) require Member States to establish Rn action plans aimed at reducing Rn risk, and to set reference values for limiting indoor Rn concentration. In 2006 the JRC started a project on mapping Rn at the European level, in addition and complementary to (but not as a substitute for) national efforts. These maps are part of the European Atlas of Natural Radiation project, which is planned eventually to comprise geographical assessments of all sources of exposure to natural radiation. Started first, a map of indoor Rn is now in an advanced phase, but still incomplete as national Rn surveys are ongoing in a number of European countries. A European map of geogenic Rn, conceptually and technically more complicated, was started in 2008. The main difficulty encountered is heterogeneity of survey designs, measurement and evaluation methods and database semantics and structures. An important part of the work on the Atlas is therefore to harmonize data and methods. We present the current state of Rn maps and discuss some methodological challenges.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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