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dc.description.abstractIn view of the recent necessity to perform testing for the detection of genetically modified common wheat (Triticum aestivum), the need arises for a taxon-specific method for this organism. However, no such method has yet been officially validated. Multiple species of wheat exist on the market, such as common wheat, durum wheat, emmer wheat, etc. These plants have complex genomes, composed of different combinations (from diploid to hexaploid) of common sets of chromosomes. The specificity of a method then depends on which set of chromosome the targeted region is located, which increases the complexity of identifying methods specific to Triticum aestivum. Often, such methods were developed for the specific regulatory need of differentiating durum and common wheat (for example, in alimentary pasta labeling), with minimal concerns for non-specific detection of other plants. This document summarises the review performed by the EU-RL GMFF, complemented with in-house bioinformatics analyses, in order to identify and characterise Triticum aestivum-specific detection methods that have been described in the scientific literature. Methods with apparent specificity (based on results shown and bioinformatics analyses) and promising performance (based on results shown) are highlighted and their primers and probe sequences reported. Those methods are the 'SS II-D' and ' SS II ex7' methods described in Matsuoka et al. (2012) and the 'wx012' method described in Iida et al. (2005), and they represent good candidates to uniquely identify common wheat in complex food samples.en_GB
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dc.titleLiterature and Bioinformatics Analyses of Wheat-specific Detection Methodsen_GB
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