Title: Developments in the deployment of Ultrasonic Bolt Seals at the storage ponds of a large reprocessing plant
Citation: Symposium on International Safeguards: Linking Strategy, Implementation and People p. 117
Publisher: IAEA
Publication Year: 2014
JRC N°: JRC92149
URI: http://www.iaea.org/safeguards/symposium/2014/home/eproceedings/sg2014_eproceedings_online.pdf
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: At the ponds of La Hague, France, different types of material are stored awaiting reprocessing: • Irradiated LEU fuel assemblies; • Fresh MOX scrap of different origins; • Irradiated MOX assemblies from research reactors; • Irradiated L/HEU assemblies from research reactors. According to the safeguards approach developed by Euratom, irradiated LEU fuel is verified by Cerenkov viewing devices. Other fuel types are verified with a dedicated underwater neutron/gamma detector. The measurements are resource intensive for both inspectors and operator. In addition, one of the measurement locations will be decommissioned by 2015. Thus, ultrasonic bolt seals (USBS) were identified as a suitable means to keep continuity of knowledge and reduce inspection effort. The paper describes the currently required measurements and the related intense effort and compares with the effort required to place and read USBS. The discussion focuses on the activities required for un-irradiated MOX scrap, which is of particularly high safeguards interest, and a description of the measures implemented to minimise re-measurement needs is provided. The associated significant savings are demonstrated. Under the new approach, USBS are placed on all newly arriving baskets, following verification by NDA. Baskets already in the pond will be sealed with USBS step by step. In order to make this project possible, JRC Ispra supplied a new generation of USBS reading heads, electronics and software. The paper describes the significant improvements of the new technology versus earlier generations.
JRC Directorate:Nuclear Safety and Security

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