Title: Distributed and concentrated inelasticity beam-column elements: application to reinforced concrete frames and verification
Publisher: European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS)
Publication Year: 2015
JRC N°: JRC94481
URI: http://publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/repository/handle/JRC94481
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: Inelastic beam elements are widely used in the analysis of structures subjected to seismic actions. These elements are capable of describing the linear and nonlinear force-displacement and moment-rotation response of beams, columns and shear walls. However, there are numerical inaccuracies associated with these element formulations, as well as dif-ferences in computational effort. In this paper, the fundamentals of displacement-based and force-based elements are briefly presented, with emphasis on localization issues due to strain softening, and regularization procedures necessary to achieve convergence to single solu-tions. The modelling criteria regarding the number of integration points, the number of ele-ments in each member and the length of the prescribed plastic hinges are also discussed. A one-story reinforced concrete frame, representing industrial buildings, has been modelled in a finite element software with the objective of studying the efficiency of three element types: displacement- and force-based distributed plasticity elements and concentrated plasticity ones. The running times of the analyses confirm that the computational demand of models with displacement-based elements is larger than that of models with force-based elements. Analysis results have then been compared to the experimental values obtained from a series of pseudo-dynamic tests performed with increasing seismic intensity. All element formulations showed very good approximation of the global response. Overall, force-based and plastic hinge models performed slightly better than the displacement-based model.
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