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dc.description.abstractThe sensitivity of atmospheric measurements at the JRC Ispra Atmosphere - Biosphere - Climate Integrated monitoring Station to emissions on different spatial scales is analysed using the Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART, driven by meteorological fields from the nested COSMO-2 / COSMO-7 numerical weather prediction system at a horizontal resolution of 2 km / 7 km, respectively. The sensitivity of the atmospheric signal shows significant variations on diurnal, synoptic and seasonal scales. During night, the sensitivity is usually dominated by the area 40-60 km around the station, while daytime footprints are much larger, typically dominated by the area at distances of more than 60 km. During summer daytime, the radius s50 (at which the cumulative surface sensitivity reaches 50% of the total sensitivity) is about 187 km on average. Furthermore, a clear diurnal cycle in local wind direction is visible due to a regional mountain - lake/valley wind system, leading to a significant diurnal cycle of the sensitivity (north-west vs. south-east), especially during summer time. Our analysis shows that the future sampling at the Ispra tall tower 100m above ground significantly reduces the impact of local emissions (~3-10 km around the station) compared to the previously used sampling height of 15m above ground.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipJRC.H.2-Air and Climateen_GB
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dc.titleAnalysis of the sensitivity of atmospheric measurements at the JRC Ispra Atmosphere - Biosphere - Climate Integrated monitoring Stationen_GB
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