Title: Monitoring cultural and creative activities and their impact in European cities’ development: Challenges and the way forward
Publisher: Athens Institute for Education and Research
Publication Year: 2015
JRC N°: JRC96010
ISSN: 2241-2891
URI: http://www.atiner.gr/papers/PLA2015-1727.pdf
Type: Articles in periodicals and books
Abstract: Cultural and creative sectors (CCS) in Europe have shown strong resilience to the recent economic crisis and they are expected to expand further due to their function as forerunners in digital innovation. The creative population is one of Europe’s key strength and the CCS, which are the 3rd biggest employer in the EU, have a strategic role to play in the economic recovery, especially in providing jobs and career opportunities to young Europeans who have been hard-hit by the recent slow-down. The cities with the highest concentration of the creative employment have proven to be the most resilient during the post-2008 turmoil, thus making them a focus of the national and regional policies. Over the last years composite indicators have gained recognition as comprehensive monitoring tools that support evidence-based urban policies and corporate strategies. Consequently, a plethora of city indices that capture aspects related to cultural or creative activities have been developed to suit the needs of specific audience. Nevertheless, there exists no single index describing the CCS that is accepted by the majority. To fill the gaps in the existing measures we aim at creating an index summarizing the CCS in a way that is of added value to EU policy makers and to urban planners interested in fostering the development of creativity and diversity. In this paper we present the main challenges faced during the construction process, such as: lack of precise definitions of cultural and creative activities; existence of many different socio-cultural structures and lifestyles within the EU; difficulties in measuring economic spill-over effects; lack of systematic procedure for producing harmonized data on the CCS in Europe; and many more. We discuss each of the aforementioned obstacles and explain how they could be handled with.
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