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dc.description.abstractEnvironmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a new tool enabling the verification of the performance claims put forward by developers of innovative environmental technologies. As specified in the ETV General Verification Protocol (GVP), the EU-ETV programme, launched in 2011 by DG-ENV is covering three Technology Areas (TAs): Water treatment and monitoring, Materials, waste and resources, Energy Technologies. The verification bodies in charge of performing the verifications have to be accredited for one or more of these 3 TAs or part thereof. Three dedicated Technical Working Groups (TWGs) have been set up in order to provide technical guidance for the technologies falling under these TAs. Although the GVP is providing examples of technologies for each of the TA, the precise frontier between them is not always clear, in particular for technologies that relate to more than one distinct technology areas (e.g. energy efficiency in the domain of water treatment). This document provides guidance on this issue, in order to help decision making and ensure a harmonised approach thought the ETV scheme. This document, adopted on the on the 04/08/2015 by the TWGs, is a guidance document, with the meaning given in the General Verification Protocol of the EU ETV pilot programme (version 1.1), Section A.II.4.3. It has been produced by the EU ETV Technical Working Groups, chaired by the JRC, under the auspices of DG Environment. This document is also deliverable under the Administrative Arrangement 070307/2011/630755/F4 between DG ENV and JRC (ref JRC No. 32937), “Scientific and technical support for the implementation of the EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot programme” as modified by amendment 1 signed 16/06/2014.en_GB
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dc.titleGuidelines for addressing the interfaces between Technology Areas in the context of the EU-ETV Pilot Programen_GB
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